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Failed joining game. Failed linking account. Account already in use. Host closed the connection. Those alerts are annoying and can prevent you from playing! In this video, I show you how to fix all the joining games & log-in issues on Steam, mobile and browsers! I decided to make this video because I’ve seen many users struggling with these issues lately!



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  1. the sad thing about surviv io now is that the game is dying and many other surviv io youtubers stopped uploading

  2. Gamerio is much better at solving issues than the Kong devs.

  3. G͎u͎s͎i͎ ͎M͎o͎n͎t͎e͎l͎o͎g͎o͎ says:

    this video doesnt helped at all

  4. Khánh đăng Phan Sỹ khánh đăng says:

    omggggggg!!!! thanks so much <3

  5. I just started playing and I don't have an account yet and it won't let me create one. When I try to sign in with google, nothing happens. What should I do?

  6. didnt work for any of my devices in might be my internet sucks even tho its like 30 mps per second ): been play surviv for 3 years

  7. Fix trên điện thoai thì lam sao thế bạn

  8. Hi Gamerio!!! I was just playing with you! I was [REC]Anye in Potato mode! Was that you? Do you remember me? I'm a huge fan 😀

  9. hi the login didn't work for me

  10. GAMERIO……none of the methods worked for me….i don't know what to do…plz help me!!!!

  11. pls make a video o how i ca fix this: when i put in a code to join a private server, it joins me there but immedietely leaves automatically and says failed joining game. what should i do?

  12. I don't have the privacy button what I have to do?

  13. no me sale y perdi mi cuenta veterano xd :v
    I don't get it and I lost my veteran account xd: v

  14. I logged into my acciunt and it says account found but it still says im in a guest acc

  15. I have a diffrent kind of login problem. My point is that I pressed login on both discord and google accounts and it reloads but never complete the login/ignore the login signal and didn't login to my account

  16. Hello, I am a viewer from Turkey. I can't play surviv io it gives an error can you help me?

  17. how about using iPad to play?how to fix it when I am using ipad?


  19. This is probably happening because Kong stopped their maintenance on surviv servers.

  20. But when I sign out to connect to another device, it no longer allows me to connect to my account or any other. Heeeelp

  21. would want to play wtih u u can check my yt for some plays

  22. Thanks so much! After not being able to play surviv for literally 1 year (since oct 2021), with the last method, it finally works again…

  23. @Gamerio I have been facing this problem since last 24 months i have more than 10000 gps i tried all of your tricks but they didn't work .Can you fix my problem?

  24. GAMERIO could you make an updated video for the log in issues? because your method for battle works fine, but the log in method does not work anymore =(

  25. I have a different problem, for some reason I link survivio to my steam or google account on the login screen, and nothing happens, It just says logging in, but I don’t log in and I stay unable to join prestige island

  26. it didn't work, i tried all of them

  27. Gamerio help me i have try all your steps but ots doesnt work

  28. I have try anothere broswer but same failed joining game whyyy


    The transaction could not be completed 🙁

  30. Nightmare fredbear springtime shadow says:

    Thank you, I haven't played for a long time due to such an error 502, and I couldn't start a section, thank you very much

  31. bro love you
    also i've played several times with you didn't evene know you were a youtuber good job man

  32. Yooo thx GAMERIO. This is helpfull for surviv players!

  33. OMGGG thank you so much i couldnt play for like 3 years ( im not joking ) and then i saw your video it was my last hope so thank you so much

  34. My login isnt working wow to fix
    When i try to login it refresh the site and it look like login in here how yo fix

  35. que mrd con este juego quiero inicia sesión pero se repite que inicia sesión para acceder a esta funcion y se me reinicia el juego

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