How Many Pets Can I Tame in 1 Hour on ?! -

How Many Pets Can I Tame in 1 Hour on ?!

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So, i tried this new challenge on taming which is basically to tame as much pets as possible in 1 hour! It was kind annoying since all you have to do is to *tame for an entire hour* but yeah i managed to finish it, and found some little spectrum pets in a normal biome what’s actually pretty strange. Anyways i hope you’ll enjoy this video!

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  1. yk this challenge was a bit annoying because you know taming pets for an entire hours so yh pls like 1 like = 1 support

  2. S Muhammad Sannan Bin Faisal Syed Faisal Imran- 2810088 says:

    Yes. VERY HARD.

  3. It was really well edited 🙂 Also I guess 86 animals :0

  4. you..yes you a guy that didn't sub yet why are you not subscribed?
    it is literally one click and it won't take even a second
    maybe you're watching without an account?
    go make one then it is way to ez
    but that's your option anyway so have a good day bud <:

  5. how did i miss this WAIT IS WRONG WIT MY NOTIFICAATIONS

  6. i feel like the ppl on the srvr were submerged in baby pets cuz most of em are angry 0^0

  7. Wow! So cool! The content is different than others! And I never tamed that Much of pets. Insane!

  8. i would never try this challenge why if i try in the way i get bored

  9. Wow! That looks hard, but if anyone can do it, it’s Shlaqlu!

  10. Hmm tell me what skill or raven its no damage to enemy : 0

  11. Saw you or an impersonator in Chicago 7, he had the same skin and iS tag

  12. Fun fact: Your gapples can never be an odd number

  13. play new york 3 ever time
    and dont kill xdgamer plz

  14. Is imm make stream today can u join pls?
    And i will give a retexture surprise:>

  15. I suck usually 1 pet per hour but a few days ago i tamed plant fairy without taming cap or applenator it died almost instantly bcz I was fighting a boss wolf 🙁

  16. hello ishlaqlu its me chelseaMeh im commenting on my fathers account

  17. cool vid bro keep up the work frero demonte les nul

  18. Do u know how long it took me to get lynx Card?!!

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