How Many Pets Can I Tame in 1 Hour on ?! -

How Many Pets Can I Tame in 1 Hour on ?!

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So, i tried this new challenge on taming which is basically to tame as much pets as possible in 1 hour! It was kind annoying since all you have to do is to *tame for an entire hour* but yeah i managed to finish it, and found some little spectrum pets in a normal biome what’s actually pretty strange. Anyways i hope you’ll enjoy this video!

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  1. yk this challenge was a bit annoying because you know taming pets for an entire hours so yh pls like 1 like = 1 support

  2. Do u know how long it took me to get lynx Card?!!

  3. cool vid bro keep up the work frero demonte les nul

  4. hello ishlaqlu its me chelseaMeh im commenting on my fathers account

  5. I suck usually 1 pet per hour but a few days ago i tamed plant fairy without taming cap or applenator it died almost instantly bcz I was fighting a boss wolf 🙁

  6. Is imm make stream today can u join pls?
    And i will give a retexture surprise:>

  7. play new york 3 ever time
    and dont kill xdgamer plz

  8. Fun fact: Your gapples can never be an odd number

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