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Hole.io Game | BETTER THAN AGAR.IO! | Let’s Play Hole.io Game | The Frustrated Gamer

The Frustrated Gamer
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Hole.io Game | BETTER THAN AGAR.IO! Welcome to let’s play hole.io game by The Frustrated Gamer! Hole.io is a relatively new .io game where you control a hole and have to eat up as many parts of the city as you can before the timer runs out. I first saw this from the hole.io dantdm video! This might be my favorite .io game ever and I am saying that The Hole.io Game is better than Agar.io! I have no clue what the hole.io world record is but there are some great players already in this game! Stay tuned for some hilarious hole.io gameplay along with a few hole.io tips! Let’s Play Hole.io Game!

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Music by Bensound (Dance).


  1. You Can Eat Buildings If Your Score Is More Than 258

  2. The Highest I Have Ever Gotten Was 1,227,713 Pts

  3. Gameone you when when my want my google play for the here

  4. You would not believe my score on hole. IO it was200'000,000,000

  5. Great video but you need more likes on this video

  6. Brandon u dumb son of a nut cracker u can eat a park to

  7. no don't go for the parking lots to for the parks there's 2

  8. Brandon: I feel like I haven't done much yet

    Me: because you haven't

  9. Really nice video! I watched your other video on Crowd City too

  10. 0:35 you said that you didn’t even play the game yet seeing top left level it’s 5 instead of 0 it seems you already played.

  11. I think deep thought I owe spins that I owe and dog Mario is the hardest game

  12. Bro did that I own is hard to you you might die a lot because people are way bigger they might as well also hacking

  13. watching it in 2022 babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. I love playing that game yeah I like the game is so fun yeah it's so fun I love the game like I want to play it on the Google App Store that like I love the Google App Store because there's a lot of games

  15. Yeah I want to play that game on the blue stuff like I would play on on the blue stuff but I think I just said it wrong but it's just an accident it was a big the big accident yeah like it was the biggest accident I ever made no like it was the biggest biggest accident in the world I just made but I don't like making accidents

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