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HAL 9000 on skribbl.io #11

HAL 9000
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HAL 9000 it’s a draw bot for GNU/Linux, it’s a funny skribbl.io hack / bot I made for personal use, in this video is drawing on skribbl.io only, though it works on many other draw and guess games.

HAL 9000 is the best draw bot for such games, try to catch me in game, it’s awesome to see HAL 9000 in action!

Table of contents:
taxi driver
pirate ship
Crash Bandicoot


  1. him: digitally creates picture of monkey

    funneh: LUIGI

  2. Bro that one guy who said pizza while he was drawing a ship-

  3. "that's cool, i know it's hacking or something though" they say it as if they've cracked the code, obviously a human couldn't do this

  4. "draws taxi driver"
    its me: police car

  5. When it literally says Africa on the drawing and you still can't figure it out

  6. Everyone is saying they couldn’t guess easy words, but we are viewing from the perspective I’ve of the drawer, so it seems obvious.

    If we were the guesser, it wouldn’t be so obvious, or else this wouldn’t be a game.

  7. HAL 9000 Starts drawing realistic violent images

  8. This is pretty good proof that people can't spell… but that is pretty cool. Would be cool to see Gartic Phone but that one would also be a nightmare.

  9. The bot was so good it sucked the IQ of everyone on the chat…i hope that was the case….

  10. I apologize for the inconvenience of me not caring says:

    “bicheical” 😭💀

  11. “I’ve been here for 10 years.”
    1 second later:
    As if he has never seen a draw bot before.


    Everyone is supposed to be mad and shout "CHEATER! HACKER! KICK!"

  13. why the drawing bot is only avalable on linux i am on windows

  14. Reason for their insanely low iq:
    When someone guesses the word, the drawer also gets some points. But when a user is cheating, those players won’t want the cheater to get points so they avoid guessing correctly.

  15. theres 2 type of people
    too innocent to not know cheats
    too fucked to be knowing everythign

  16. hal: draws a kid on a tricycle

    random person: penguin

  17. They are jeolous so they are typing kick u and they don't know the clear drawings

  18. These people trying to spell bicycle my god 😭

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