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hacking io games (for dummies) – part 1

Lre ._.
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utterly delicious.


  1. Bad ending: he died from the seizure he got at the end of

  2. Where is the tutorial for complete idiots?

  3. Hey why you deleted 😭 your vids 🙁 you op chanell whyyyyy

  4. Does anyone know how to proceed after this ? , and please make part 2

  5. let script = […document.querySelectorAll( 'script')].filter(s => !s.src & s.innerText. length > 1000) [0];

  6. bad tutorial the copy(script.innerText); dont gice the code u got

  7. Me whenever i use inspect element: Hecker

  8. why its not working with other io games

  9. Mane all i remember is you pulling up the console… your too fast

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