Guess The Tank In Arras io! #shots #arrasio #iogames -

Guess The Tank In Arras io! #shots #arrasio #iogames

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In this video, we’ll be playing a game of “Guess the Tank.” We’ll show you a series of tanks from the game, and you’ll have to guess which tank it is. We’ll also share some interesting facts and trivia about each tank as we go along. So, if you’re a fan of or just love a good guessing game, this video is for you!

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Best tanks in arras io


  1. 1.wark wark (got it)2.architect(got it)3. rimflak(got it)4.waark(got it)5.combo(got it)6.beater(bruh)

  2. Me who is addicted to arms race knowing all of them: easy edition

  3. I only got one 😅😅😅😅

  4. im actually addicted to this so i knew 4

  5. You have to tell the players this includes tanks from arms race

  6. Bruh its EZ clap all corect bruh who doesnt now dis

  7. I got everything correct 😂

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