Fun Minigames In BIRD'S SANDBOX! 3 Minigames | Games #arrasio -

Fun Minigames In BIRD’S SANDBOX! 3 Minigames | Games #arrasio

The Arras Police
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I give players some challenges to pass, and give op after a few different challenges! (The ending of the video is very satisfying :P)

if found x Luma – twenty five [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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Uplink & Castion – Euphoria [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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  1. how to become a shiny ay wpd? i love ur videos also 🙂

  2. btw did you get shiny member or what how to acess those tanks?

  3. I love your vid can you shoutout my channel i only have 1vid but i am recording more (; i rly want youtuber tank

  4. The tiny games, the nano games, the smallest small a small small game can be small

  5. Using chinese words is a really good idea

  6. I"M ON THIS VID! is you go on 3:08 you can see a TONK named thvbac. that tank is me!

  7. me wondering how he became a dreadnought in sandbox

  8. Tetra gunner is not real tank so how do you get it?

  9. Yoooooo! I was in the video! (The Unknown Chaos)

  10. havent been in birds sever for so long

  11. I like the Tetra gunner and me on my way to do your mom i have shiny too but no access in #wpd

  12. You can have a pet if you spawn a sentry. It will follow you(in case you don’t know)

  13. How do you turn into those Shawnee’s and stuff? How do you get along with the people in there?

  14. How do you turn into the overpowered tanks?

  15. Why is the player in the bottom of game 2 trapped

  16. Let us get some 'willing' participants to play

  17. This one was just temparory
    I came many times and just met boring hosts (op)

  18. Bird needs to add my minigames 1 super mario 2 the floor is bullets 3 Recreation of siege

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