FORTNITE.IO - First Victory Royale!! // New .io Game ( -

FORTNITE.IO – First Victory Royale!! // New .io Game (

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ZOMBSROYALE.IO IS FORTNITE.IO! This BRAND NEW .io game from the creators of the original brings Fortnite into io.

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Malik Bash – Ghosts [NCS Release]

Anikdote – Turn It Up [NCS Release]

Codeko – Crest [NCS Release]

Halcyon – Runaway (feat. Valentina Franco) [NCS Release]

Outro Song
Like Apollo – jimmysquare

family friendly pg clean


  1. Now this is A Game
    I need to play this
    Fortnite like but 2D?!
    Hell Yeah

  2. Whenever I try to play it, it says there was a problem running the unity content on the page and to see my java script for more info. Anyone know how to fix this? It would be greatly appreciated.


  4. The game runs very slow on my pc any help?

  5. Pls still play ALSO HOW DO U GET ON THIS?? MY COMPUTER SAYS An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
    Script error. EVERY TIME I TRY TO PLAY!!

  6. They need to add building just because, but it is a 2d game. It would be hard finding the mechanics to having building. @ 3:52

  7. Maybe they will implement building mechanic to this one? that would be awesome 😀

    And finally…. an .io game that my 2004 pc cant handle 🙁

  8. I started watching your vids and I really enjoyed them the first vid I saw was the one where another youtuber used a vid of yours to click bait

  9. Maybe they must make the gas turns you into zombie (Sorry for my bad english)

  10. IXPLODE hi i love your videos just liked and subbed

  11. IXPLODE please make some videos about MooMoo io and diep2 io

  12. Nice vid! This is the type of game that I'd like to play on mobile, but not sure if they're planning it.

  13. In real fortnite you would be hyped when you found legend. scar but you just ignored em in this game. 😀

  14. Plz, man, I love your content, can u give it a try at fortnite, even if u die at the start, idc, i just want that gold content lmao

  15. this game is lagger

  16. oof this game is clickbait is still better

    jk didn't watch vid yet. i hate my gay life


  17. As soon as i saw the stone and wood at the start of the video, i knew the owner of this game took that tree and stone from

    And those squares on the floor along with tge looks of the player

  18. i played it, sensivity was sh*t didnt play anymore

  19. SlOw iNtErNeT CoNnEcTiOn sQuAd wHeRe yA At?!!?!! :))))))

  20. I was at my grandmas house so I was late squad WHERE ARE YOU AT?

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