FORTNITE.IO - First Victory Royale!! // New .io Game ( -

FORTNITE.IO – First Victory Royale!! // New .io Game (

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ZOMBSROYALE.IO IS FORTNITE.IO! This BRAND NEW .io game from the creators of the original brings Fortnite into io.

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Malik Bash – Ghosts [NCS Release]

Anikdote – Turn It Up [NCS Release]

Codeko – Crest [NCS Release]

Halcyon – Runaway (feat. Valentina Franco) [NCS Release]

Outro Song
Like Apollo – jimmysquare

family friendly pg clean


  1. Who cares about mope any more we have the best version of fortnight!

  2. how do login it wont let me when ever i press login with google a black screen just pops up

  3. I'm going to play that game right after this video

  4. u can breka teh big tree buyt takes along time

  5. i wanna play this game but when i try to play it it gets stuck at 90% when its loading.

  6. I was facepalming so hard cause no one knew how to play

  7. iXPLODE just a quick question what do u record with

  8. i got 3rd place and i didnt even shoot or kill anyone ^_^

  9. the only thing that this game is different to Rules Of Survival is the animation.better try that iX.

  10. for some reason i cant launch the game it stops at 90%

  11. my wishlist is:
    launch pad
    building mode
    second floors
    larger maps
    faster storms
    new objects

  12. I like how you drop in the wailing woods, and then open up the loot chest, then there's a mythic SMG which BTW you DIDNT Get! XD

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