Fixing the most broken item in my game! -

Fixing the most broken item in my game!

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You can try out the updated prototype here:

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  1. Every item is from Zelda games. Just Link in red.

  2. Can u add pets you can lvl up and give abilities. Or a summoning mechanic

  3. What’s your game called? And is it on steam?

  4. Sometimes the things that seem simple end up requiring the most code, fixes, and work-arounds. The grapple hook seems like an awesome feature nonetheless.

  5. what language/ library is the game made in?

  6. are you applying a force towards the grappled trees(or grapple point) position from the updating position of the player? or are you applying the same vector continuously regardless of the players position relative to the target?

  7. Which engine are you using? This game looks so clean.

  8. How did you make the chest loot effect with those coins???

  9. What pixels are the tiles and the character? Is it everything 16×16?

  10. I love grappling items in games. Looking forward to playing this.

  11. Added a grapple to one of my projects and I am going through similar issues. Grappling hooks are evil, haha.

  12. I just got a boss idea for your game.
    Boss can grapple you or an object. If it grapples an object, the boss will throw it to the player. If it grapples to a wall, it will pull itself (sorta dash)

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