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EATING FANS AND BABIES ( – Gameplay and Funny Moments returns with the biggest possible animal I could get. No Dragon but close to it! Bear boi!

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  1. this is kind of sad lazaerbeam got only 71 k likes in 5 years

  2. New new nickname for laser LB the child slayer LB =lasar beam

  3. Who else is here from 2021 and still watches his old videos😂😂😂

  4. I’m unsubscribing because you made fun of my hero ( David atimbru

  5. Wth why did u ate ur fans
    Plus dont u dare talk about my fav game

  6. I guess you can say it’s a cannimole

  7. Honestly video ended in flames, get it, dragons breath fire, get it

  8. no one:
    7 million people:
    eating fans and babies

  9. Play now lazar beam my name is Code Lazar!! and in ur country its 80:03

  10. what stupid shit io games do you play for 3yr old you aktin sussssssss!!!!!!

  11. lazarbeam do you ever stop swearing go on 1yr diet of not swearing

  12. lazar maybe take a break off things that make you mad

  13. Lazerbeam like :my life story worked on a construction sight didn’t do shit

  14. The nasty hope proximally visit because hobbies proximally arrest an a abiding moon. relieved, unbiased america

  15. Bro that scream sounded like chewbacca at the end

  16. mope is good. atleast i think. i have gotten to 7 mill once.

  17. Mopeio changed so much from then, you should play it again there is so much new

  18. 6:53
    "its pretty fucked up to eat your cousin"

    People in alabama:

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