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Diep.io – Stream Ending! – Plȧʎinǵ witɦ Viewers – NCȘ Music

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Welcome to the 24/7 Diep.io Livestream! Enjoy your stay as we stream Diep.io game mode, 4 Teams and Sandbox. Also feel free to request any song from the !playlist.

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!Donate: Super Chat or ​​
Type: “!link” to join the game. (ex: !link2 and !link3 for other servers)
Type: “!diep” to view diep.io Commands.
Type: “!commands” – to view bot all Commands

!Twitch: ​​
Song Request:
Mod Application: Down ATM

Stream Rules:
1. Don’t argue with people over chat. (especially the moderators)
2. Respect others. (No bullying, sexism, racism, etc.)
3. No Spoilers. (Game, TV show or film)
4. No Advertising or Self-promotion.
5. Don’t spam words / Bot commands, or use all-caps.
6. English Only. (So we know what you are saying)

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  1. Stream has ending, but I plan to return in about a week.

  2. Well it was fun while it lasted, although i think it's coming back. i'll be patient and wait till then

  3. come back soon, FireFly!
    I will miss you!

  4. RIP the stream ;^; cant wait for it to come back!!!

  5. The Most Random Person On Planet Earth says:

    rip livestream was fun

  6. only 5,100 hours…… not even that long smh

  7. This stream directly writes the function unusable.

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