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DIEP.IO GAME – TANKG8R! ( Funny Moments )

Sl1pg8r – Daily Stuff and Things!
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NEW DIEP.IO gameplay w/ Funny Moments!

This game’s like agario but… BETTER! I mean… It’s got Tanks! And balls! Check it out!

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Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass
Title: For My Haters –

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  1. You made it to 3rd place on the leader board!

  2. Lol i know what you mean when you were talking about that level thing at like 20:30 I was thinking like why do peoople like this game?

  3. I've got a headache now. I was slappin my forehead too hard shoutin "LEVEL YOUR STAAAATS"

  4. You actually did remarkably well while completely missing the fact that you could up your stats. And at the end, you'd made it to #3 on the leaderboard. Pretty good, I'd say 😛

  5. Hey sl1p you move faster while not moving

  6. All of the triangles come from the center

  7. You have to add points at the bottom left

  8. uhhmmmmmmm…. Slip? are you feeling ok? you're calling machine gun a sniper… 😕

  9. Slip upgrade reload so you can shot faster

  10. How are you not seeing the upgrades in the corner lol

  11. i was sitting there for the first 20 minutes like " i wonder how long it will take him to notice the level up points" lol

  12. Anyone else notice he made it to 2 place on the leaderboard!😄

  13. WOW WAS SO FUNNY. was yelling at the tv "slip use us skill points" LOL when u kept saying wuts with these purple things oh the red triangles are another players bullets. lol was funny as #=!!

  14. The bullets actually inert backwards speed on to you, so shoot backwards to go a lot faster.


  15. Hey guys I upload Diep.io content and I'm trying to grow my channel and help others at the same time, subscribe to me and I'll sub to your channel with my 3 alt accounts, Comment "Done" when you finish. thanks!

  16. You know that you were 5th on the leader board

  17. Zavala is a Croatian word and it means bay, and the way you said it is so funny! <S

  18. Did you see slip was in the same server as masterov

  19. use the dial at the bottom to get higher damage and health

  20. so stupid slipg8R , learn first before play, it not funny moment. .old man..sry

  21. Slip i am a big fan but left-hand corner plus increase your level reload speed your bullets strength

  22. In the left bottom u can up ur stats like health and bullet dmg

  23. In the left bottom u can up ur stats like health and bullet dmg

  24. if you kill more you got more points to be rank 1

  25. sl1p u go very slow bcuz of the recoil when ur shooting, shoot in opposite direction to go faster it will givw u slight boost

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