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DIEP.IO GAME – TANKG8R! ( Funny Moments )

Sl1pg8r – Daily Stuff and Things!
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NEW DIEP.IO gameplay w/ Funny Moments!

This game’s like agario but… BETTER! I mean… It’s got Tanks! And balls! Check it out!

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Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass
Title: For My Haters –

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  1. sl1p u go very slow bcuz of the recoil when ur shooting, shoot in opposite direction to go faster it will givw u slight boost

  2. hi slip I just wanted to give you a tip at start max the reload after this max the bullet damage and after it max the bullet penetration after it max the health regen and after it pump as much as you can the max health

  3. do u see the thing in the bottom left u must upgrade there I think

  4. loved the game play will you play it more often 🙂

  5. you went machine gun first time not sniper

  6. you lvl every 15 lvls and when you die you still have half of your levels

  7. I don't think he knows that he can upgrade

  8. need to upgrade the bottom-left stats by clicking the ones you want to upgrade

  9. It took him 20 minutes, but he finally understands it. Be patient guys. Stat up isn't always a clear thing.^^

  10. You got second on the leader bord ps low level go bullet damage and pen to destroy the things that give you points quicker

  11. its like ark the botom left you can upgrade your tank if you just clek the stuff

  12. i think you re-spawn at 1/2 you max level rounded down

  13. slip if you press tab you can play a team versiom

  14. Hey Sl1p! You may have noticed that I have not left comments on your videos for a while now. A very long while. That's beacause I unsubbed when you quit Minecraft. You see, I subbed for the sole reason that you were a Hermit. I was sad to see you leave, but I realised that you moved on to ARK (which is a game I don't like) and I realised I had to move on as well. To be honest, I kind of felt like your vids were becoming a bit repetitive too. Sometimes when I was bored, I would pay your channel a visit and look at some vids. Just like today. I had no idea what to watch, so I started watching some Diep.io vids, as the game is highly popular and addictive. So here I am, on your channel, thinking that you probably have at least a vid on it. And I was right. And man oh man, was this vid great. Where everyone on the YouTubes is competitive and wants to win, you want to have fun and go through all the learning of this game. It was greatly amusing. I think a break from the Sl1pnati0n was good.

  15. at the time of waching this s1ip has less than 4000 subscribers to go untill he hits 1mill. Go S1ip!

  16. at the time of waching this s1ip has less than 4000 subscribers to go untill he hits 1mill. Go S1ip!

  17. I hear some of the East coast Haytch P's accent. 😀

  18. hey a slip u actually can up grade your weapons in the left corner. just sayin.

  19. At the start you start at level 0. the more levels you get you get a little less levels that you have. you can also upgrade by just pressing what you want to upgrade.

  20. some other tanks spawns the homing missile jet deals

  21. So he didn’t learn to click the bottom left when he knew it was there

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