Destroying Sharks and Hunting Pirates! - Game - Update -

Destroying Sharks and Hunting Pirates! – Game – Update

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Welcome to! is a new io game where you build up a raft and survive! It plays a lot like and made by the developer! ► Join Blitz on Discord:

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Captain Baron:

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Face sharks, create tribes, and push your survival skills to the limits in this brand new game. The game plays like a combination of and and a game called Raft. Gather supplies like thatch, wood, and metal. Use these materials to craft tools to build the raft over the ocean! Defend your raft against shark attacks and other players.

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  1. why didnt you killed the the crabs so you culd level up

  2. Got here i hour after it was posted 2340 th view you are amazing blitz and i cant believe that 11 people had disliked you 🙁

  3. Plsss i can't live without TABS video plss ini almost dead here

  4. You do know that in this game, the fishing rod can be used to grab items, right?

  5. blitz do u know that you could use the fishing pole as a hook to grab stuff?

    (if u do, im sorry im annoying, and i probably didnt watch far enough)

  6. I do not agree with the promotion of shark hunting.

  7. IO games are just copying good games fortnite and raft and many others.

  8. Praise be the Lord my rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. – Psalm 144:1

  9. Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine !!

  10. this is just like raft. there's also a mobile version just like raft. I wonder why all these clones popped up.

  11. can we just appreciate the fact that he stayed lvl1 for most of this

  12. I can't join the discord so can u say that I am please I suppose u and notifications

  13. Just so you know they didn't destroy your raft, somebody stole it!!!

  14. Your island was taken 26 minutes in not broken

    Edit: I know he found it but just wanted to point that out

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