cool dino games (weird games) - Complete Series -

cool dino games (weird games) – Complete Series

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  1. i would’ve rather had a 30 episode series of this instead of that frickin rpg they always post now it’s so bad

  2. If this were real life- oiunk uh- the game wouldn’t be like this- OINCK

  3. Chris is gonna be sad when he realizes that old people aren’t just shitting anywhere bc they don’t care and are happy, it’s bc they’re bodies don’t work anymore

  4. I love how pretty much each game used a stolen asset from Jurassic Park/World

  5. 24:18 holy shit i used to play this game all the fucking time. i just got sent to the fucking past.

  6. How would you react if you met something outside of existence

  7. "can i move"
    "try using the arrow keys"
    "oh you can move"
    finally real comedy

  8. When you said you can get scammed with apple cards, that happened to my friend

  9. Best dino game is Turok fronty N64. Both one and Seeds of Evil.

  10. That ending game is so adorable

  11. Baby dinosaur jr he feels the pain of everyone

  12. Normally you'd see people be more negative about games like dime-tro-saur, but that's because who ever it is does have the huge balls to charge 2 full dollars for a steamy pile of feces. I'm fine with them being overly positive on whatever they want, but charging 2 bucks for that was like when I'd put Steam trading cards up for a grand just for shits and giggles.

  13. id like you guys to know i got a vibrator ad during this video 🙂

  14. The phrase "rustles your prolapse" never fails to make me both cringe and cackle with laughter

  15. there was not a single god damn dinosaur in "dinosaur savers"

  16. You know. Looking back on Dimetrosaur. If you could get Capcom to make a resident evil type game out of it, everyone would love it.

  17. Who ever edited this the door knock and Zach scream scared the shit out of me fuck you (it’s 2:00am)

  18. …….


  19. I love how wholesome the Dinosaur Savers segment was

  20. Are we just going to ignore Tyrano Dragon acknowledges the existence of God?

  21. Shoutout to the Dimetrosaur guy for putting an Oneyplays easter egg in his other game. WORM ODYSSEY!!!


  23. And I love the bitcrushed voiceacting from the boys

  24. just now realizing that the opening to Dimetrosaur was the same as the opening to Godzilla 1998

  25. Am I the only unhinged sick and twisted psychopath who would watch the 30 episode Dino game series

  26. It'd be cool to see them play Jurassic World Evolution 1 or 2 after this series considering they seem to like dinosaurs quite a bit, but at the same time it isn't much more than like a tycoon game. The only things you can really do that I think would interest them for more than 1 episode is setting up dinosaur battles but you have to grind to unlock the ones that're cool to watch. There isn't much in the way of customization either like in the Sims.

  27. Paint world is a few blocks from figures world

  28. 58:23 I only now realized that that painting behind Tyrano Dragon is Captain Rex from Star Wars drawn as a dragon. This game's lore is rich.

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