Build and Publish Unity Game to -

Build and Publish Unity Game to

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Unity PC Build or WebGL build to tutorial. I also show you how to upload to Unity Connect.

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  1. I was hoping to see an example of how to get ITCHIO_API_KEY from environment by having a valid .itch.toml file, I have issues with this 🙁

  2. Can we all take some time to appreciate how her keyboard clicks.

  3. Awesome tutorial. I also appreciate the extra bits of useful information added in. 10/10. Subscribed!

  4. When I am uploading WebGl zip file after that the game starts till Made with Unity then I get an error That Unity Loader not found
    Can anyone help ? Why I am getting error for UnityLoader

  5. thank u so much after like a hour of trying to getting it on the app/google play store i did this instead and it worked…

  6. Now I’ll be prepared to publish a game when the right time comes

  7. Thank for showing specifically the addition, I watched a tutorial and got stuck after they only showed how to build. Thanks!

  8. Mine says this:

    There was a problem loading your project:

    No file provided to embed

    Learn more about HTML5 games or edit your project to add a file

  9. how i can build a setup installer for my game ?

  10. Sorry for the stupid questions: do WebGL Build Support costs something? Is it obligatory for making HTLM games?

  11. Turns out it should be a zip file not 7z or winrar. But thanks it was helpful

  12. Straight to the point but still some extra information – exactly the kind of stuff I like! =)) Beautiful voice for a video btw! <3

  13. You saved me a lot of time today! Thank you so much!

  14. that one fr0ge Flubertyflubertydoopghagiledop says:

    thanks =)

  15. I want to upload my game so that it will be downloadable for both Mac and Windows. How do I do that?

  16. For a moment I though it was Pyrrha Nikos talking, weird.

  17. Bruh. why didnt you say that you have to reopen the unity editor before switching platform. frick

  18. Anybody know of why it might tell me I have a problem with my build when i have no errors showing when i play in unity? I checked all scenes and none give an error whilst they are the in play scene.

  19. helped me a lot
    i took part in a mini jam it helped me it was my first!

  20. Me, one hour before gam jam submission, realizing I've never built to WebGL or published on Itch:

    My savior.

  21. ty so much. a minute and a half in you solved my problem.

  22. thank you soo much for your help you made my day. keep up the good work

  23. I did everything but when I tried to view my page and run my game, it takes forever to load and sometimes doesn't even load at all… anyone else having this issue?

  24. thanks a lot, this was quick, easy and simple. Just published my first 3d game!
    I subbed and joined the discord server too!

  25. Thank You So much for the help 😀 You just earned yourself a Sub!

  26. Awesome video, informational, short and to the point! Thx! 🙂

  27. Thanks! This was super clear and concise! 😀

  28. Still works. Can confirm!
    Thanks so much for this!

    Just a note: It currently does NOT work when trying to run the game in Firefox.


  29. Awesome video, and I'll most likely keep coming back whenever I need to upload a game haha! Making a note here for myself and others who have this issue: if you use WebGL to upload and see that it's not fully loading the whole game on (stuck at 90% loading bar), check your compression settings by going into the Player section in Project Settings and change the compression from Brotli or Gzip to Disabled. Some people also say turning on decompression fallback will do the same thing. I dunno anything about compression but my games usually work on the web after this!

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