- 4-Player (DOOM Ball) Spiky Ball .Io Game | JeromeASF - – 4-Player (DOOM Ball) Spiky Ball .Io Game | JeromeASF

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Today we play – 4-Player (DOOM Ball) Spiky Ball .Io Game | JeromeASF

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  1. Just wondering, why doesn’t he play with benja Canadian anymore

  2. I love your IO games Jerome but I can't like this one when I can't see the leader board 😭 I know why you blur it so I understand but personally it's not a fun to watch 👀 love you so much though Jerome ❤️

  3. Jerome your not supposed to faceplant the spiked ball's.

  4. I had to delete Minecraft yesterday

  5. It was painful to watch that video because honestly, your not good at that game

  6. Did not enjoy the game… content was of average

  7. Capitan blastem sound board including UNIT, grease lighting, I got got, SPEED BEANS, there children? NOW I HAVE TO NUKE IT, that's preposterous, BLAST, Capitan blastem puts the pain in propane, I don't know man I just show up to these things and WHO AM I?

  8. Vales soda would be blastem dew or blasted dew

  9. Jerome runs into every tail and dies
    Also Jerome wow they got so much better
    Me 🤦‍♂️

  10. Jerome: *sees rando who's just chilling
    Rando: Pulls ball regularly
    Jerome who purposefully just got between them and their ball: Oh my God this is ridiculous, I keep dying!
    Everyone watching: I wonder why

  11. that game is sometimes glitchy because the baran therk guy that killed you at the end hit your ball and not you

  12. Jerome: runs into another person’s ball that was not moving
    “OMG how did I die”

  13. All I see here is Jerome embarrassing himself in this game lol

  14. Pls subscribe my channel kavish Gaming

  15. Best way to win

    Get in the middle max your capacity out
    Get out of said middle then ur HUGE

  16. Jerome you should make a t-shirt that says "The Knight" with the monkey on it

  17. Jerome have you ACTUALLY tried getting good?

    Just a suggestion

  18. Jerome: Deleted By Glitch
    Me: Was that me or someone else with the same name? (I was killed by Vale today as well)

  19. I need a soundboard with an "OH BUDDYYYYYYYY", a "STEEEEEEEVE!!!" and finally…


  20. when jerome has over 5M subcriber only ask for 10k like
    and Sigils only has like over 380 k subriber and ask for 20k like
    Jerome you should ask for 50k like or something

  21. Lol you can dag your ball behide you🤣🤣

  22. just for fun 😎 dis game fun

    Wait… why is the leaderboard blurred

  23. I know why steve is so laggy

    His cat peeded on his router to many times

  24. 0:10
    me" where? its just says views… -_-
    "jerry" …-_-# SmartASS!

  25. Jery go inside mid and once the black cyercle turns yellow go for the wall cuz a few seconds later it Wil start sucking u in ur safe as long as ur running at the wall :l

  26. Trust me if u survive not only will u get the limited red ball but u also get massive xp

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