- 4-Player (Last Alive) Zombie Survival IO Game | JeromeASF - – 4-Player (Last Alive) Zombie Survival IO Game | JeromeASF

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Today we play – 4-Player (Last Alive) Zombie Survival IO Game | JeromeASF

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  1. Anyone else waiting for more town of Salem on his ace channel?

  2. Go below to read a song I made it’s a remix Jerome if u see this get vale to see it

    I wanna be the very best
    Like no one ever was

    To blast them is my real test

    To blast them is my causeI will travel across the land

    Searching far and wide

    Teach victums to understand

    The power that's inside blasting! Gotta blast 'em all

    It's you and me

    I know it's my destiny

    blastmon! Oh, you're my best GUN

    In a world we must defend

  3. jerome "b" opens the shop, and you should buy and use a pill 2 times per round during the beginning phase

  4. Jerome can u do hunter in Roblox tower defense the code is B1RDHUNT3R

  5. You could say that Blade kept eating Mr Ohulahan’s peaches

  6. But u can tho. Just press b and by the pills

  7. Hi Jerome just saying that your videos help me with tough times such as now when I am being bullied.

  8. Jerome can you play ark survival Evolved Again please that would be awesome

  9. Play krunkerio plz it is first person shooter Roblox like graphics game

  10. Buy pills they make it so you can have a lower chance to become a zombie

  11. (Papyrus) ah a human where all I see is a rock. Sans:hey what’s that in front of the rock. Papyrus:ahhaha human I will trap you with my puzzles ahaha. (Human walks through them all). Papyrus:🥺🥺🥺

  12. Its more than everyone is already Infected just that ones not showing signs of the infection have at the start get some immunity to it later on thus when it breaks out they dont fall to it

  13. Level up challenge:

    You can choose one tower, any route.

    Tier one: 2500 pops
    Tier two: 6500 pops
    Tier three: 10,000 pops
    Tier four 25,000 pops
    Tier five 100,000 pops
    Your allowed to use and upgrade banana farms and villages at all times

    To get second route you must do double the pops

  14. What happened to "Town of Salem"I liked that game and i want it to returnn

  15. What if you keep a whole house barricaded you can do a shack but to complete the challenge you must keep a house locked down

  16. JeromeASF when will continue playing Pokémon sword and shield

  17. Because of this video I unsubscribed from blade and Steve.

  18. when i played the game its not mulitplayer it just wave why

  19. Do in baloons td6 the expensive chalenge

    Someone has to have the dark sun god
    5-2-0 or 4-2-0

    Jerome has to have THE NIGHT and as many you want and u can only go
    0-2-5 or 0-2-4

    Another, super mines
    5-0-2 / 4-0-2

    Fourth person has to go flying fortress
    2-0-5 / 2-0-4

    You can have anyone doing monkey farms

    You can as many tear 4 towers as u can fit

    Monkey villages are allowed


  21. The objects that spawn in a different room and end up in different places is because you are able to push objects through walls

  22. take pills they rlly help but only do when in good spot / b to go shop

  23. Whats jeromes favorite GTA5 weapon

    Jerry can

  24. Press B end you can buy a weapons end guns end the guns are great becase they go thow walls but you cant do it eith zombies its just a speed

  25. jerome play metro apocolpys its a fun game if you read this you should play it

  26. I like this game its fun and also I subbed to you 🙂

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