- 5-Player - *Updated* Party Style Io Game | JeromeASF - – 5-Player – *Updated* Party Style Io Game | JeromeASF

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Today we play

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  1. which do you like more, Sitemusic88 or Sitemsuic88

  2. Blade gets a good hit on dropse Jerome good gets a hit on Jerome buns

  3. 5:22

    can confirm that this is the record holder quickest round of bonk ever

  4. 12:41 you should make a video called “dropsy highlights” and it’s just a compilation of moments like these

  5. At the second time you were on the plane map you should of said and he scadadlled away scadlle scadlle and he scadadlled away scadlle scadlle scallde

  6. They keep saying theres a roof, yet none of them hear the beeping

  7. I like how this game doesn’t follow the the laws of physics at all

  8. You should do this more often

    Also not trying to be rude, but I bet I could 1v5 you all 🙂

  9. Players: Why are we playing on bonk 2?

    Also pkayers: But we like bonk 2.

  10. Sitemsuic88 Well Done On Your Spelling Steve

  11. Dropzy's screaming gives me life.

    She's so adorable.

  12. What even is the difference between Steve and Blade

  13. Sitemsuic88 the best streamer of all time

  14. dont get me wrong… bonk with a 2cm proximity chat

  15. is it just me or does it seem like at 2:57 jerome becomes some sort of boss fight in an attacking phase XD

  16. Blade using knowledge on the fallen bridge
    Jerome: you cant prove me wrong

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