Becoming a TOP player!! NEW IO game! ( -

Becoming a TOP player!! NEW IO game! (

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Welcome back Jellyfish! In this video we try the new game out. It’s a little like And we got onto the top player chart already!

Intro- Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark
ELPORT & Fymex – Everest
True Colors Don’t Run (Sirius Mashup)
ElementD – Fallin (feat. Micah Martin) [NCS Release]

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  1. Im kinda mad the BOOM wasnt there yet for u but im sure it will come ;P

  2. also a unspeakable fan LOL XD im a unspekable fan also and u too 😀

  3. I remember you hitting 5k I was so happy I still am seeing you still playing

  4. Give me a shout out please. BTW it's me Luqman from school

  5. You are still the Best .io player i have ever seen😉😉

  6. Jelly I hope you remeber me I'm the guy from 4K subs that kept telling you to keep going with yt and you'll become great and I was right look at you 30k sub it's amazing how much you've grown

  7. I hope you still remeber me from back then

  8. Rn I'm a bit worried u haven't posted in a while is this a brake or a quit

  9. If u remeber me like reply with an emoji or anything rlly

  10. This actually a old game it just been a big major update

  11. He might not rember me but i helped him fish in we were both crocodile

  12. I hope he is just taking a break because of school

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