Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO! -

Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO!

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  1. Dan I loved watching u play this game plz play it again 😜

  2. Everyone must of got at least ten present on the game💎💎

  3. Lol the add when you press start says toothpaste hell?

  4. When Dan's son watches him:wow…I have a greedy and awesome dad

  5. This is the country of gree………………………..

  6. in 5minutes in the video dan di not know red light on the map signals enemy is eating your base and he didnt look

  7. me;tbh this is the best yt channel ever

    dan; lol

  8. I wrote hello
    50 times and no one saw it 👁💋👁

  9. The selfish mailman crucially smile because error apically wail alongside a puzzling appeal. unique, enthusiastic cupcake

  10. 1% of him dying to people 99% him killing himself

  11. Him: SNAP!!!!!!
    Me:*trying to snap*
    Me: Literally dies
    Me: goes to kitchen
    Me:*finds knife*
    Me: am stupid
    Me*yeets knife🔪*
    Me:wait 🥸🥸🥸🥸😨😨😨😶😶😶😶😦😦😦😐😐😐🦊🐱🦊🐱🐱🐱🦊🐱🦊🐭🐭🐭🐹🐹🐹🐰🐰🐰🐰🐶🐶🐶🐭🐼🦁🦁🦁🐯🐯
    Me:why did I do this
    Me: welp

  12. Dan: Leave me alone peps!

    Me: can you read🤦‍♂️

  13. Dan: killed by the UK where he lives lol
    Also Dan: Kills greece
    Dan's new country is Greece since the uk kicked him out and Greece forced him to join

  14. Love you dan I've been watching you for 4 years and so as my son and two daughter s

  15. I bet Dan won’t see this comment you frickin ledgend

  16. Dan: Good, we started at the corner.
    Me: A circle does NOT have corners…

  17. Bro I was playing this the day he released this, and I remember killing someone called Dan, so now just patiently waiting to see if I show up on the video

    Edit: I wasn’t in it
    Dan please do more of these so I may duel you.

  18. 6:09
    Dan: Talking about the game

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