An Evening with Games -

An Evening with Games

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Playing a bunch of Games at random. Some are good, some are trash, all are indie:
Games Played::
Labyrinth of Wild Abyss – A boring maze game
Bombing!! A Graffiti Sandbox – Fun little paint program
Carcavas- Trippy Walking Sim
Knight’s Try- A difficult platformer in the style of N64 games
Liminal State -A well made but cliche backooms game
A Broken City- Follow the music in a trippy walking sim
Find Yourself- A horror/escape game that I can’t tell if it is serious or a parody. Also has assets taken from “What Remains of Edith Finch”
Bkeakshore- a unique but boring take on the Slender type games. I like the twist at the end. Escape to the past: Enjoy a vast library of zx spectrum mario games online.

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