Alone On The Team and I Still Won! Territory Games io - Territorial IO Expert Strategy! -

Alone On The Team and I Still Won! Territory Games io – Territorial IO Expert Strategy!

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. 0:20 i like that quote so much because the context is way too needed

  2. Hey. I have been watching your content for a while now. And I would live if you starting putting different content on this channel. Or used this channel to promote another channel. I love watching you play this game, but I also loved watching you play other games. When your actually having fun is when I enjoy your content the most. So I would support your channel/channels no matter the content you put out

  3. I always watch to the end. Love your videos, keep it up. Try not to hit burnout too soon.

  4. Person with the overly long name was like "I'm gonna be the funniest bitch who ever lived."

  5. You have 6M power 😀 everyone around you has 15M :I

  6. I was laughing when I saw one of the black team guys called malaka 🤣🤣My fellow Greeks would get it 😂😂

  7. this is actually so satisfying to watch wow

  8. Gooood morning, Vietnam! 😀

    Sounded like you had lotsa fun in this one, CG! Good video.

  9. why are there already 2 dislikes wtf happened

  10. Ignore me i'm just apporting to the algorithm

  11. What time/days do you livestream? 😁 Just got into this game super recently and I'm loving it and you're videos too! Would love to tune in and watch live

  12. WTH SO IT WAS YOU That's why I wonder why are you so op I was cg baby

  13. It is very nice that you play on the map of Turkiye the most:D❤️

  14. wow dude! the dedication in making and uploading these kinds of videos is amazing, you upload a lot of videos in one day and all of them are really interesting!

  15. Think about how tired your soldiers were after you won as Vietnam lol

  16. I rlly love your videos im new to this game and i want to learn more from you

  17. Both were great matches but, the second upset win was legendary. Those feel good when one gets em. That should be stamd alone video for sure. Legendary upset underdog ffa win!

  18. The cut confused me for a second but it was nice and made the video flow nicely without a minute or two of nothing happening

    Potato 🥔

  19. I was go herd! Glad I know I lost to you at least. Always got a fan in me. Next time you see go herd give me 2nd haha!

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