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A Tribute To .IO Games

A Tribute To
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Hello everyone and welcome to my Tribute to .io games. In this video, I’ll be going over why I love this genre so much, and why I think people fell in love with it over the last decade. Thank you all so much for watching, and enjoy.
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Intro 0:00​​​​​
Part 1: Agar.io 0:55
Part 2: Slither.io 3:06
Part 3: Diep.io 4:40
Music: All music by Chillhop Music
​Makzo – Seascape
Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle – Clocks Forward
Mama Aiuto, Daphné – Lax Incense
Sundreamer, edapollo – vhs tapes 1993-1996
Middle School, The Field Tapes – Lilo
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  1. Let’s take a moment to look back at how happy flash games made us

  2. i remember back when i always used to play slither.io in school while the teacher was talking i miss those times

  3. I call it semi automatic money ads then multiplys

  4. It’d be cool to see a tribute to TF2, a game that was a big part of many childhoods. Keep up the great videos!

  5. commenting for the algorithm ✨✨✨ i used to play games like this all the time !!! i remember when they first started getting popular

  6. My favorite io game is Mope.io. It’s about the food chain and each animal has abilities and a unique leveling system.

  7. how did shmenty get good footage for slithering, that thing is the laggyest game there is

  8. also mope is the most time consuming .io game I've played

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