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50 .io Games Described in 1 Sentence.

Corrupt X
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From Slither.io to Mope.io, from Diep.io to Arras.io, from Surviv.io to Taming.io, These are 50 of your favourite (or not so favourite) .io games described in 1 sentence. Enjoy, or don’t. That’s up to you.

These are all jokes. Learn to have a sense of humour if you take this too seriously.


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  1. dude can you help me about my frien BEGGING ME SO MUCH TO PLAY SURVIV.IO HELP ME I AM TIRED OF HEARING (yo wanna play surviv??)PLS HELP…

  2. wow i was searching for some of these games and didn't know the names.. and found them here lol ty

  3. for shootup, maybe just put "ROAD ROLLER DAAAA"

  4. is that your real voice if so nice voice

  5. You can't play moomoo.io without some hacker killing you 50 thousand times and then saying "ez". Or some hacker dying and crashing the entire server.

    You can't play arras.io without some big octo tank group or people overusing drone tanks or necromancer tanks.

    Mope.io... tryhards, toxic people, teamers, and king dragons with 50 other teammates.

  6. After Corrupt X gave a "very detailed" explanation of these .io games, everyone will start looking for them and playing them and then they will get bored and forgotten again :madman:

  7. Lool nice I enjoyed this man, too accurate xd

  8. Waiiit you are talking. When did you start doing that. First time hearing your voice.

  9. is this your voice?it sound ridiculous(no offend)

  10. I'll be completely honest, you did ok with describing bonk.io in one sentence, bloated with the same maps but more inferior.

  11. you know what lets keep fanning these flames, remove moomooio

  12. Rewatched the videos cuz its so well made

  13. um what is the is the last word he say in the video ???

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