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50 .io Games Described in 1 Sentence.

Corrupt X
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From Slither.io to Mope.io, from Diep.io to Arras.io, from Surviv.io to Taming.io, These are 50 of your favourite (or not so favourite) .io games described in 1 sentence. Enjoy, or don’t. That’s up to you.

These are all jokes. Learn to have a sense of humour if you take this too seriously.


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  1. kongretate bad is the new necromancer is superior than overlord

  2. um what is the is the last word he say in the video ???

  3. Rewatched the videos cuz its so well made

  4. you know what lets keep fanning these flames, remove moomooio

  5. I'll be completely honest, you did ok with describing bonk.io in one sentence, bloated with the same maps but more inferior.

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