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My time machine works!! We’re back in 2016 when .io games were popular!

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  1. Oh wait no you killed my brother first you killed me third I was running from the guy who had the red suit then you killed me that's when I rage quitted 😆😂😂😂

  2. Where is the green hair if this is 2016

  3. Does Sean generally think that off comes from minecraft?

  4. The blue broker curiosly ask because can notablely possess amid a aware pediatrician. wealthy, weak beauty

  5. “People think I’m trash”

    Never thought I’d relate to a ad

  6. Me and my friends would play zombie royals at school lmao

  7. I feel as though this is the backstory of Toss Boy, let's be honest

  8. Aww man, i used to play .io games all the time, this is really a flashback.

  9. Anyone here from 2021 to see how he change

  10. Do okay what's wrong with it okay all right all right well let me

  11. Hes saying hes awesome at little big snake but
    hes not even on the leader board (I'm almost in 1st the leader board every game I get into)

  12. "Guy's let's gang up!" he says while murdering everyone

  13. jack passes by an nethere rite armor
    me : its ok
    also jack : i need armor
    jack : grabs the cain armor

  14. Seeing him play zombs was hilarious, because I remember the veteran days

  15. I’m pretty sure unless you specifically play with friends almost all .io games just have NPCs instead of actual people
    And I know this because I’ve played a lot of .io games and in some of them it says online multiplayer but in those “online multiplayer” games I could play that mode offline

  16. Me: "ah yes i remember the shooty bang stuff that has been here for years"


  17. Jack: I’m just gonna go back to the game I’m good at 😁🙃


  18. I am so upset that he doesn’t know much about minecraft. And you can tell he’s telling the truth because he chose a gold helmet over netherite 😭

  19. i know this is an old video but imagine playing great value fortnite casually and you face off a guy with a gaming computer

  20. I’m in grade 6 and I found out evowars when I was in grade 2 and even today I reach max level so I found it out before Sean

  21. I am the best i have never lost in ev.ik I always get 1st

  22. Jack: That was so fun!, i wanna play again!

    Also jack: * dosen't do any more videos about Zombs Royale *

  23. seeing jack drinking hybrid 3 times a row makes me want to kill my self

  24. you made my fucking ears bleed with that loud audio

  25. in the 3 game jack passed netherite armor and diamond armor twice i probrerly spelt that wrong

  26. 6:04 I'm sure it was a clap but I like to think he high fived himself

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