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3 Itch.io Games #3 | Roguelight, Plokoth, Bottomless

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Howdy guys, I’ve been wanting to play some platform games lately. I’m also on a new laptop, so I made this video to learn the workflow on the laptop. Today’s video I play 3 different platform games, Roguelight, Plokoth, and Bottomless. They all were a lot of fun, and have very different approach when it comes to being a platform game. Thank you for watching and have a Great Day!! 😀

——————–Time codes——————–
Intro 00:00
Roguelight 2:24
Plokoth 8:58
Bottomless 32:07
Outro 43:23

Roguelight’s itch.io page:

Plokoth’s itch.io page:
Plokoth’s steam page:

Bottomless’s itch.io page:


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