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It’s time for 3 AWESOME IO GAMES!!
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  1. Mark: "It's so big…look at my ball."

    My big sis: "that tiny thingy pulling the spinning thingy looks like a tampon."

    Me: Losing all hope for humanity

  2. Lol I remember this I saw that he was streaming and I just clicked I was there lol

  3. Mark : hah!!! Gotcha Jim!!! You're f*cked!!!
    Jim : imma do what's called the pro gamer move

  4. mark: oh i deleted god
    few second later
    mark: oH jEsUs

  5. Oh awesome this was uploaded on my birthday

  6. We want to thank Markiplier for introducing us to Little Big Snake through this video. 2 years later and we're having so much fun playing it! 🙂 So again, Thanks dude! 😀

  7. What kind of giant testicle do you have


  8. U can play Roblox with me and Friend me

  9. U know my roblox name is rainbowdash25397!

  10. Mark: sailed right past 69th so whats the point
    goes back to 69

  11. Little Big Snake actually does have sound effects now.

  12. Plot twist, all of those "Players" are bots xd

  13. • 𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓫𝓸𝔀 • says:

    “Hey guys I think I deleted god! Uh funny thing..”
    -mark 2020

  14. Mark: hehehahoohoohe
    Me: He's gonna die
    Also mark: hehoohahe AHHHH NOOO HE FUCKED ME

  15. I am sure the first thing going through his mind was "What the hell did I say? hope it wasn't to bad"

  16. Well, at least Mark wasn't jacking it like DSP.

  17. I love that mark has always been been a god tier and wholesome youtuber

  18. Has markiplier played bit life? He should

  19. Omg bruh, my name is Zoe…u was so scared when mark said my name lmao

  20. does mark know that .io games are singleplayer?


  22. Mark from Twitch: His Cam don't have a Sound

    This video: Hardly edited

  23. Me: (sees someone named Markimoo) oh hey its another Markiplier fan!
    Also Me: (sees myself in Mark's video) WHAT THE F—

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