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I challenge my friends to 100% in paper.io!

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  1. I do this stradigy a lot ssunde! And it’s because of ur vid!

  2. I don’t know if your entire theory is correct, but I do know for sure that there are a lot of bots

  3. I think the Burns username Gus was me because I was playing around that time

  4. no you just do line wean you see some one tun arond and conet it to ur space

  5. I sad at SSunde cuz he goin crazy :c

  6. Make more slithery dot IO videos please cuz it's literally what I want to watch

  7. Biffle cuses at Henwy in the regulars YouTube channel

  8. Did you blur peoples names cuz they bad?

  9. hahahahahahahah8ahasahahahahahahaaahaahaaaaaahahahahah

  10. 4:32 the guy who has illusions and thinks molded cheese killed him self

  11. Mom: Theres crows outside the house
    The crows outside the house: 4:37

  12. not to be rude but u scream like a girl ssundee

  13. Did anyone see the amoung is character

  14. When you get to a Sertan point it disconnected it’s self

  15. I love your videos especially your paper io videos

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