【VTuber Plays: Itch.io Games! 】Let's be Paranormal buddies! - bladeofgame.com

【VTuber Plays: Itch.io Games! 】Let’s be Paranormal buddies!

Areku Ch. アレク
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Look at the description!

Game Link!:


(Will do a Q & A stream someday! so please keep on sending questions!)
Q&A for Areku! ask me anything! i will answer everytime i end a stream!

———–rules are simple! follow and you will win a free ps5!(not really)———–

=The rules are simple so please do as follows
+ Respect one another.
+ Always be mindful not to hurt anyone’s feelings.
+ Don’t be shy! feel free to talk to Areku! or anyone in the chat!
+ Please don’t go to other streams to plug my name in!
cause its disrespectful..
+ If you notice any other random people doing bad in chat.. just ignore then. don’t lit the fire that is not meant to be lit.
+ That’s all the rules! thanks for reading and cooperating!

———–Socials!(check me out! here also!)———–
Discord Server:
wanna dm me? just dm me there! ^ – ^
trust me im boring.

———–Important everything i used in the stream!———–

BGM: By しゃろう Sharou (aaa thank god to this bgm! sound so good!)

Titles played:
1.[30 min BGM] さみしいおばけと東京の月 (The lonely ghost and the moon of Tokyo) / Sharou [Official]
2.[30 min BGM] 週末京都現実逃避 (Escape from reality in Kyoto on the weekend) / Sharou [Official]
3.[30 min BGM] You and Me / Sharou [Official]

It is also available as free BGM material on DOVA-SYNDROME.

When using the free BGM material, please be sure to check the license for using the sound source at the following link.
(Sorry, the page is only available in Japanese. Please use a machine translation.)

This music was composed by “Sharou”, the owner of this channel, and “Sharou” owns all the rights to it.

Overlays: by (amazing and cute overlay!)

Stinger: by (i don’t know what this is but i learned how to use it!)

images – i don’t own most of the wallpapers! if you do know who created it! please comment down below! or leave me a dm on tweet!

Thanks zerotwo for the amazing rigging! you really made it look so amazing!

Special thanks to rene for helping me out with OBS it was a hassle! took us 8 hrs but here we are!

——————-Redeems & tips (Thanks i really appreciate your support!)———————–

Redeem Rewards from Areku store!

Donate if you want to 🙂


i guess this is the end of the road? but..
Hey.. Never stop dreaming,
never stop believing,
never give up,
never stop trying, and
never stop learning.

#Vtuber #horror #reacting

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  1. The thumbnail kinda looks like you're going to lewd the girl! XD

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